Al-Ahsa bisht festival celebrates the rich culture and legacy of the region
The bisht is a traditional men’s cloak popular in Arab countries, worn over a thobe. It is placed on the shoulder and down to the leg without sleeves.
A bisht is a traditional Arabian long cloak men wear over their thobes. This cloak is usually made of wool and ranges in color from white, beige, and cream to the darker shades of brown, grey and black. The word bisht is derived from the Persian — to go on one’s back.
The week-long festival featured a variety of activities that reflected the historical and cultural heritage of hand knitting in Al-Ahsa, particularly in bisht production.
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It's not just a Golden Line, it's a heritage!
The Al Ahsa Bisht Festival logo is a celebration of the region's rich cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship, combining a variety of motifs that are emblematic of the festival's themes and setting. The logo features a stylized representation of a handmade Bishts, with intricate details and textures that evoke the region's rich artistic traditions.
The Bisht motif is rendered in warm, earthy tones that reflect the natural beauty of the region, with accents of gold and red that represent the opulence and wealth associated with the Bisht. The logo also incorporates handmade illustrations that further emphasize the value of traditional techniques and craftsmanship, with delicate lines and intricate details that showcase the artistry and skill of the region's artisans.
In addition to the Bisht motif, the logo also incorporates elements that are associated with Al Ahsa's cultural heritage and setting. The Bisht made from camel hair is represented through a subtle texture that runs through the logo, while the Bisht zari is portrayed through delicate hand-stitching that adds a sense of richness and depth. The traditional market of Al Ahsa is represented through a stylized building that is incorporated into the design, while the famous Palms of Al Ahsa are symbolized through a series of graceful, sweeping lines that evoke the beauty and majesty of these natural landmarks.
Al Ahsa Bisht Festival logo is a visual representation of the festival's celebration of traditional Al AHSA culture and craftsmanship, with a modern and sophisticated twist. The logo is designed to be instantly recognizable and memorable, capturing the essence of the festival and inviting visitors to experience the beauty and intricacy of Al Ahsa's cultural heritage.