SANDBOX® For Future 
Sandbox® for Future is a Saudi center that provides fun afterschool activities for kids to learn coding. 
Designed for kids ages 6-13 years old, the center offers a dynamic, fun, and project-based learning environment in which they can apply their knowledge, learn, and develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills through coding. This is a great way for kids to think in ways that help them bring their vision to life. 

By offering a range of fun and engaging coding experiences, Sandbox for Future could create a learning environment that inspires kids to learn coding and pursue careers in technology. Additionally, by fostering a love of learning and creativity, Sandbox for Future could help kids develop important skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

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We changed the name to SBOX® for future due to a name registration problem, so we changed the name in the logo and used the same identity for SBOX®, and finally registered!