SEABIRD is a leading wholesaler and importer of premium quality frozen seafood from around the globe. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, SEABIRD sources only the freshest and highest quality seafood products, ensuring that their customers have access to the very best seafood available.
SEABIRD's extensive network of suppliers allows them to offer a wide range of seafood products, from shrimp and scallops to salmon and tuna. They work closely with their suppliers to ensure that all seafood is caught or farmed using sustainable and responsible methods, and that it is processed and frozen quickly to lock in freshness and flavor.
As a wholesaler, SEABIRD provides seafood to a variety of customers, including restaurants, retailers, and distributors. They offer competitive pricing and flexible shipping options to meet the needs of their customers.
SEABIRD's commitment to quality and sustainability has earned them a reputation as a trusted supplier of premium seafood products. Whether you're looking for shrimp for your restaurant's menu or tuna for your retail store, SEABIRD has the expertise and experience to provide you with the best possible product.
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At SEABIRD, the name is more than just a label – it represents the brand commitment to providing high-quality seafood to customers around the world. The name “SEABIRD” was chosen because it reflects the brand ability to source the best seafood products from diverse and exotic locations, just like a seabird can travel anywhere across the ocean.
The brand identity emphasizes the company’s ability to source high-quality seafood from around the world. By using the name “SEABIRD”, the brand creates a sense of adventure and exploration, as well as a commitment to finding the best seafood products from diverse and exotic locations. It’s powerful message for customers who are looking for unique and high-quality seafood, and who value the experience of trying new things. The name “SEABIRD” name helps the brand stand out in a crowded market, by suggesting a sense of adventure and excitement that is not typically associated with seafood suppliers. Overall, the name “SEABIRD” has a lot of potential as a branding tool, and could help create a strong and memorable brand identity for the SEABIRD Project.