Seashelf Seafood
Seashelf Seafood is a wholesaler of quality fresh and frozen seafood products. The wide variety of products consist of crab legs from Alaska to barramundi from Australia to salmon from Ireland. Seashelf Seafood’s products are imported from all over the world. The company purchases direct from the seafood source and sustainably whenever possible in order to maintain control over the quality and freshness of our product. Quality products and excellent service combined with the most competitive pricing have resulted in Seashelf Seafood being a one of the best seafood brands in the seafood industry in Egypt and middle east.
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Seashelf Seafood is a company that specializes in the distribution of seafood products. As a wholesaler, they likely purchase large quantities of fresh and frozen seafood products from various sources and then sell them to retailers or restaurants at a lower price than they would be able to get by buying the products individually.