THAMRA® is a luxury catering service Located in Riyadh. Thamra caters to any size family, corporate event, or social gathering. Catering for all your daily needs.
"THAMRA" is an Arabic name that means a fruitful tree. This name is often used to describe a tree that is abundant in fruit and is characterized by its good, delicious taste.
In Arabic culture, the tree is a symbol of life and abundance, and it is often used in literature and poetry to represent growth, prosperity, and fertility. The name "THAMRA" is a beautiful and meaningful choice for a catering company, as it evokes the idea of delicious, high-quality food that is rich in flavor and nutrients, just like the fruits of a fruitful tree.
The use of bright colors and a luxurious aesthetic creates a festive and celebratory vibe, which is appropriate for a catering company that likely serves at special events and occasions.
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THAMRA is a luxury catering services provider based in Saudi Arabia that specializes in providing high-end catering services for weddings, corporate events, and other private functions. The company is known for its attention to detail, quality of service, and use of premium ingredients
THAMRA offers a range of menu options, including traditional Arabic cuisine as well as international dishes, and can also provide customized menus to meet specific client needs. Their services include catering, event planning, and decoration.
The logo is not just a combination of letters and food elements, but it also forms a tree shape. That's adds another layer of meaning to the logo.
By incorporating the tree shape, the logo reflects the Arabic origin of the name "THAMRA," which means a fruitful tree. The use of the T and THAA letters and the cake and savory stand elements to create the tree shape is a creative and unique approach to logo design.
Overall, it sounds like the THAMRA catering logo is effectively conveys the brand's values and offerings. The incorporation of the tree shape adds an extra layer of meaning and depth to the logo.

THAMRA catering services understand the importance of celebrations and the joy they bring to our lives. To represent this spirit, THAMRA uses vibrant gradient colors in their branding that exude a sense of energy, motion, and excitement.
THAMRA's gradient color palette captures the essence of celebration in all its forms. The use of gradient colors creates a smooth transition from one color to the next, adding a dynamic element to the brand's overall look and feel.
THAMRA catering services are not just about the food - they are a partner in all your happy and warm occasions. Their use of vibrant gradient colors in their branding reflects their commitment to making every event a special one, whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or intimate dinner party. THAMRA's customized menus cater to all dietary requirements and preferences, ensuring that every guest feels welcome and taken care of.
THAMRA's branding is designed to create a memorable and impactful impression on customers and audiences. The use of vibrant gradient colors represents the celebratory spirit of their catering services, conveying a sense of excitement, energy, and modernity. THAMRA is a brand that understands the importance of celebrating life's special moments, and their branding reflects this commitment to making every occasion a memorable one.
In summary, THAMRA catering services' use of vibrant gradient colors in their branding reflects their dedication to celebrating life's special moments. Their focus on warmth, joy, and exceptional service makes them the perfect partner for any occasion, and their customized menus cater to all dietary requirements and preferences.
With THAMRA your event is sure to be a memorable one, full of warmth, joy, and celebration.