​​​​​The Beach® Festival
​​​The Beach festival event is a program designed to fulfill the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 and the wise leadership, which aims at enhancing the quality of life and build a balanced life style for its citizens through the advent of new options where citizens and expats could participate in cultural, entertainment and sport activities.
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The Beach Festival Saudi Arabia is an annual entertainment event that takes place on the beaches of Saudi Arabia. The festival features a range of activities, including concerts, beach sports, food and drinks, and other entertainment options.
The festival is designed to showcase Saudi Arabia's beautiful beaches and promote tourism in the country. It typically attracts a diverse crowd of locals and tourists, and offers a range of activities to suit different interests.
In addition to the entertainment options, the festival also provides opportunities for local businesses to showcase their products and services. This includes food vendors, souvenir shops, and other businesses that cater to festival-goers.
Overall, the Beach Festival Saudi Arabia is a fun and exciting event that provides a unique opportunity for locals and tourists to enjoy the beauty of Saudi Arabia's beaches and experience the country's vibrant culture.
The minimal logo effectively captures the essence of a beach festival by incorporating the two main elements of summer and the beach—the sun and the sea. The sun and the sea are iconic symbols of summer and the beach, and using these elements in the logo can help to create an immediate association with the event. Additionally, using bright and vibrant colors can help to further convey the energy and excitement of a beach festival. Overall, a well-designed logo can help to attract people's attention and generate interest in the event.
The color yellow is often associated with the sun and warmth, while blue is commonly associated with water and the sea. Using these colors in combination can help to convey a feeling of summer and the beach.
"Summer is yellow, Summer is blue" slogan for The beach festival that wants to emphasize its connection to the sun, the sea, and the overall feeling of summer. The slogan effectively captures the essence of the event and conveys a sense of energy and excitement.
The concept of "Summer is yellow, Summer is blue" for a beach festival identity is a strong and effective one. As I mentioned earlier, yellow is often associated with the sun and warmth, while blue is commonly associated with water and the sea. By using these colors together, the concept effectively captures the essence of summer and the beach.
In addition to the colors, incorporating other design elements that reinforce the concept can help to further enhance the identity of the beach festival. This could include imagery of waves, sand, beach umbrellas, or other iconic symbols of the beach and summer.
Overall, a well-executed identity concept helps to create a consistent and memorable visual representation of the beach festival, which can help to attract attendees and build a strong brand identity for the event.

Yellow, blue, white, and black identity colors used to create a cool, vibrant, and energetic identity for a beach festival.
Yellow is often associated with energy and excitement, while blue can evoke a sense of calmness and relaxation. White is often associated with purity and freshness, which can be a great complement to the energy of yellow and blue. Bold black can be a powerful accent color, adding contrast and depth to the overall design.
To create a cohesive visual identity, it's important to consider how these colors will be used across all marketing materials, from the festival website and social media graphics to merchandise and signage. Consistency in color use can help to reinforce the festival's branding and make it more memorable for attendees.
In addition to color, typography and graphic elements play a big role in creating a cool, vibrant, and energetic identity. Bold and playful graphic elements convey a sense of excitement, and adding a dynamic elements to the festival's branding.
A cool, vibrant, and energetic identity with yellow, blue, white, and black colors are great way to communicate the fun and lively atmosphere of a beach festival.